Episode 6: Dr. Jes Bolduc schools us on biochemistry, molecular biology, oxygen in the body, & why creativity is non-optional in science

April 9, 2018

The enitre TYS team sits down with Dr. Jes Bolduc in this episode. Curt learns how to pronounce her name properly, while the rest of the team learns about new research on how oxygen impacts the body, aging and the work being done to extend life, challenges faced by women in science and society, and why creativity and diversity will not only be helpful for science to progress going forward, but necessary.

Learn more about Dr. Jes
The Traumedy Show: https://www.facebook.com/traumedy/
Endeavors Interview: https://endeavors.unc.edu/jesalyn_bolduc/

Thank You Science




Episode 5: Biology, Fruit Flies, and Breakthroughs with Professor John Tomkiel Dean

March 19, 2018

Ken and Hillary visit biologist, professor, and weird dude John Tomkiel Dean at his UNCG office to discuss why he loves fruit flies, what they can teach us, and why gene research is important. As this was a pretty proper science conversation, Curt played sound guy (to little benefit), till the end, when he could no longer hold back from asking, yet another, dumb question...

Professor John Tomkiel Dean: https://biology.uncg.edu/people/john-tomkiel-dean/




Episode 4: Manheim Saves The World! Education, Society and The Internet

February 27, 2018

Episode 4 goes international! Sponsored by our good friends Japaneki, who are using the wonders of technology to connect the rest of the world with Japanese products and culture, Manheim and Curt try to discuss everything except music, before devolving into a total music discussion before the end of the interview. 

The official episode covers educational and societal differences and commonalities seen between Norway and the US, as well as social media, memes, and how the music industry has been hurt - and helped - by technology. We will post the uncut version, with 25 extra minutes of general music discussion, later this week.

Manheim has been pushing the sonic boundaries of music for decades, and is one of the founding members of Black Metal band Mayhem. His latest project is Order.

TYS, and Curt, especially, thank Manheim for giving us his time and insights.


Episode 3: Magic and Pharmaceutical Testing with Magic Mike Casey

February 12, 2018

Curt, Hillary, and Ken sit down in the TYS studio with Magic Mike Casey and go over the finer points of magic and the rigors he puts new pharmaceutical drugs through in his day job. We highly recommend seeing his live magic show, but if you are a pharmaceutical company, go through his boss for details on how he can help you out!





Episode 2: Exonerated by DNA, Kindness with writer Nick Yarris

January 29, 2018

In Episode 2, Nick Yarris talks with us about his life before prison, his wrongful conviction and fight to free himself from death row, and how kindness has allowed him to heal himself and continue to overcome the challenges life presents.


Episode 1: Super Absorbent Polymers, Battling Leukemia, Science and Faith - with David Carter of Emerging Technologies

January 15, 2018

In Thank You Science's maiden voyage, David Carter, President of Emerging Technologies in Greensboro, NC educates us about super absorbent polymers. We also discuss his adventure over the last year battling leukemia, and how faith and science have directed and helped him over the course of his life.